the Head of Sberbank German Gref said that Director Nikita Mikhalkov properly used his statement made during the moderated discussion panel at SPIEF in 2012. The financier assured that, thinking about the management of the company, wanted to provoke the participants.

In one of the editions of “Besogon” Nikita Mikhalkov showed a video clip where Gref moderating a session at the St. Petersburg economic forum in 2012, said that “it is impossible to manage such a society where all have equal access to information”.

the Head of Sberbank said in an interview with TASS that it was a provocation, an attempt to revive the conversation. But then a remark pulled out of context and presented as a valid opinion Gref that, in his words, “absolutely incorrect”. If Mikhalkov did it intentionally, he does not understand the purpose of such “manipulation”, said Mr Gref.

the Head of Sberbank reminded that closing a discussion panel, he acted on his own behalf. Then he, on the contrary, declared the necessity of engaging the public in the management process.