VTSIOM published the results of exit polls after the first four days of electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Data presented on the organization’s website.

as of 21:00 GMT on 28 June, 76% of respondents approved of the amendment, the 23.6% voted against.

In the vote was attended by just over 163 thousand people. Of these, only 70.6% of the respondents answered the question about how they voted, and 29.4 per cent refused to indicate a choice.

the Survey was conducted in 800 polling stations in 25 regions respondents were interviewed at the exit from the polling station on condition of anonymity.

Earlier polls reported that the amendments are going to vote from 67 to 71% of Russians, while against them are planning to be 28-32%. Another 1-2% of voters plan to spoil the ballot.

the Main day of voting on the approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will take place on 1 July. Since June 25, residents can cast their votes early in electronic form.

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