Someone organized a media campaign against the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov has invited a number of media persons to take part in it for very good money. As reported by “Constantinople,” said Mikhalkov himself.

In early may, as reported by “the Rambler”, live on his show “Besogon” Nikita Mikhalkov said that the American businessman bill gates wants to microchip all people and to arrange the Apocalypse with the goal of reducing the world’s population that consumes too much food, oxygen and the like. According to him, chips will play the role of a monitoring body of the person.

The public criticized the theory of the Director, considering it a conspiracy. Meanwhile, he called the criticism of the information campaign. Mikhalkov also said that the proposal to take part in it for very good money got some media person.

He stated that he was told about it the person who refused the offer. Also, the Director said, is that such a proposal they had received testimony to the fact that he raises very valid issues in his program.