in Addition, the hammer will leave her work over the last decade.

the Girl American billionaire, the founder of the company Rasah Elon musk put up for auction an unusual lot, which the purchaser will become the owner of not only her personal items, but will receive a certificate for the possession of her soul. Starting price of the lot is $ 10 million. About it reports Bloomberg.

the Singer and artist Grimes (born Claire Boucher) has opened two online exhibitions with her drawings, prints, photographs and conceptual works, made over the last decade. Among all this, there is also a lot that looks like an official document that reports the percentage of her soul to the new owner.

I saw myself first as an artist, I’m a little weird that people know me through my music, ‘ she said.

At the same time, the artist admitted that he initially did not want to have a yard sale, and therefore put such a high price that no one bought a lot, but if the buyer would find it at least “well earned”. However, the pandemic CoViD-19 has caused serious economic damage to all, and she decided that 10 million might be too “significant amount”. In this regard, it invited customers to determine the cost of the lot.

it is Noted that to date, Grimes didn’t sell their work in traditional ways. The only exception was made 15 years ago, when painted murals on the side of Montessori schools in Vancouver paid her $ 600. She says that at that time thought that “hit the jackpot”.

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