Amid raging protests, local police report that shots were fired at protesters, leaving at least one person dead. The authorities said that no officer was involved.

A Detroit police spokesperson confirmed that an unknown perpetrator fired a “shot or shots” into the crowd of protesters. The shooter fired shots from a grey Dodge Durango, fatally injuring a 19-year-old and fleeing the scene; the victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The city faces chaos and violence as protests in the name of slain Minneapolis man George Floyd spiraled out of control.

downtown detroit protests

People demonstrating against police brutality clashed with riot cops who used tear gas to push the crowds back.

Detroit police are firing tear gas cannisters at near point blank range as protestors retreat from intersection of Congress & Randolph

Multiple arrests were made during the day, accusing the detainees of engaging in “illegal assembly.”

Massive riots are taking place across the United States, at times escalating into looting and arson. In Minnesota and Georgia, authorities had to send in National Guard reinforcements to quell the violence.

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