Failure garbage reform threatens Russia over plans for the mass construction of waste incineration plants and landfills instead of recycling. The plans of “Russian ecological operator” (REO) contradict the goals of reform, which envisages the creation of a modern system of waste management and recycling.

The draft prepared by the REO, involves the construction and reconstruction of 868 objects, including 700 new. Of these, 148 companies — waste incineration with a total capacity of 4.3 million tons per year, an excerpt from the project “Kommersant”. REO ready to spend 101 billion rubles.

And this despite the fact that 25 incinerators plans to build rostec. Plans are also construction and modernization 351 of the polygon, of which 253 — new, 355 yards. The latter involves composting (53) and production of RDF fuel.

Enterprises for waste processing, according to the project, not more than a dozen, although burning and burying of garbage in the plans of the state policy are in last place.

Experts come to the conclusion that the REO project — a formal fulfillment of the objectives of the national project “Ecology”, which was the worst last year. According to the national project, by 2024, have to go to recycling 36% of all waste.

The proposed operator scheme veils task, calling most of the objects “energy recycling”. And it updated the law on waste reform is equivalent to the processing.

In the Federal scheme there is a large number of new sorts and amounts of sorted fractions will be directed to the facilities for the utilization of secondary resources, — commented REO.

Earlier reported that the Cabinet of the Russian Federation approved the construction and reconstruction of 850 objects “junk” infrastructure in the framework of the draft Federal scheme for waste management. According to the document, interactive map with the routes of MSW (municipal solid waste), sources of waste generation and infrastructure has already been presented PPK “Russian ecological operator”.