The doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as Dr. butcher from the TV show on the channel “Russia 1”, dispelled the myth about wearing medical masks. He called nonsense statements about the fact that the two sides of the disposable masks are designed for different purposes. The video is available on YouTube.

“a New feature from the conspiracy theorists or just dreamers psycho — supposedly, if You are sick, the mask must be worn with the white side to face, and if you want to protect yourself, on the contrary, outside. Of course, this is nonsense,” said the doctor.

According to Myasnikov, the mask can be worn either side, the most important thing to have a hard edge with a clamp tightly to the nose.

Informed butchers stated that the only effective measure of protection against the coronavirus is the observance of social distance.

“Learn to calculate the situation to avoid close contact. The danger of indiscriminate wearing of masks is that they create the illusion of protection. Remember: if you don’t abide by social distance — no mask will not help you and will not protect!” — the doctor warned.