every week publishes the recommendation of the staff of the Moscow children’s and youth libraries. These books will make any home a nicer evening. Candidate of historical Sciences head of the First Cossack children’s library No. 128 — the Cultural center of M. A. Sholokhov, Anton Bredikhin advises to introduce children to the works of Felix Salten, Mikhail Sholokhov, Clive Staples Lewis and others.

“Tales of the quiet don” by Pyotr Lebedenko

our children’s library special profile — Cossack. And so their recommendations I want to start with the “Tales of the quiet don”. This is the first book of novelist and screenwriter Peter Lebedenko, it was first printed in 1950 in Rostov-on-don.

Tales open in front of a small reader the way of the Cossack patriot. The author very vividly describes the nature of those edges, it’s no wonder — he spent his childhood in the Rostov region, which he loved.

based on the book, library staff are conducting an online project. Readers familiar with the swashbuckling whirlwind-ataman Matvey by EA Platov, learn about the campaigns of the legendary Yermak Timofeyevich and his dealing with snakes, worry about the dedication of the Cossack wives. I can say that these stories rarely leave guys indifferent: many of them subsequently seek to enroll in the Cossack cadet classes.

“Bambi” by Felix Salten

my colleagues and I have noticed the love of children and also their parents — to book “Bambi” Felix Sultana. Written almost 100 years ago, a touching novel about a young deer is an excellent choice for very young readers. Interestingly, the original Salten wrote a book for adults, but it was close and understandable for kids. The film adaptation made by Walt disney in 1942, secured the “Bambi” fame wonderful children’s tales.

In the book, many illustrations, large font and she easily attracts the attention of the child. And the plot is very exciting — there’s adventure, danger. But the main thing is the kindness of a young deer, Bambi, which applies to all others.

I Want to say that in the history of this book was a very difficult period. In 1936 it was banned in Nazi Germany, arguing that it contains an allusion to the treatment of Jews. Copies of the book, as well as other evil Hitler was burned.

“the adventures of dunno and his friends” by Nikolai Nosov

This book is my childhood, one of my favorites. I remember once in school I even had a Christmas costume dunno. The book was published in 1953, but the plot is timeless, love it, and to our children. Dunno, Vintik, Shpuntik, pillman and other inhabitants of the Flower city are faced with all the familiar problems and show very good example.

Stalin prize Winner, Nikolai Nosov wrote this book fromafter the sensational novel “Victor Maleev in school and at home”. The story of the dummy readers liked, and was soon followed by the sequel, “dunno on the moon” and “Neznayka in Solar city”. Now all these books are very popular with young readers.

nakhalenok Mikhail Sholokhov

the Activities of our libraries is directly connected with the work of Soviet writer, Nobel prize winner Mikhail Sholokhov. Since 2003, she bears his name. We have a very popular among readers competition “Cossack without family — not a Cossack!”. Most of the pictures on the image Nikolenka from the same works of Sholokhov.

nakhalenok is a story in which young readers see their peers experiencing the hardships of war, family hardship. The main character, a boy Minko, had a hard time during the Civil war, killed his father, brutal peers over him scoff. But it is so tempered his spirit. For the Sholokhov this work was partly autobiographical, it bears his own childhood experiences and impressions.

series “the Chronicles of Narnia” Clive Staples Lewis

In the period of self-isolation, to please our readers, we launched the heading “book of the day”. In it we tell not only about new and popular works. So, we are talking about books from the series “Chronicles of Narnia” are British writer cs Lewis Staple.

With these novels I have connected a lot of memories: going to the native library, the hunt for the following parts and complete immersion in the fantastic world of Narnia. Despite the fact that this is a fictional, magical country, there is something that is very similar to real life. And then I read about her with such pleasure. But if you are already familiar with Roman and Greek mythology, you will definitely find this cycle familiar echoes.

the First book of the series — “the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe”. Four children are staying with a family friend and there in a seemingly ordinary wardrobe into the tale. The book was published in 1950. And the children came for a reason — they are hiding from the Second world war. And in a fantasy world, where they fall, they themselves will have to go to war with the White witch, sent down to Narnia of eternal winter.

Despite the apparent simple story, the author raises very serious questions: what can cause the desire of endless pleasures, is it possible to forgive betrayal, or remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

“the Don Cossacks in the fight against the Bolsheviks” Ivan Polyakov

traditional library action “Week of the Cossack books” has allowed to introduce to our readers-Teens with enough interesting historical piece. The book “the Don Cossacks against the Bolshevik��mi” represents the memories of the chief of staff of the don army, which until the end of his days remained faithful to the oath. The book contains many archival photographs.

This piece in the spirit of our library — it largely complements the immortal novel “and Quiet flows the don” by Mikhail Sholokhov. I want to recommend the book not only to teenagers but also their parents. I guarantee you will learn many interesting historical facts.