The lender owned by ex-Minister of communications of Russia Leonid Reiman bankruptcy of the plant “Angstrem-T” on the web.The Russian Federation has decided to purchase its buildings in Zelenograd nearly 355 million rubles IN the Bank.Russia is saying purchase the property, then transfer it to the state to resume production of microelectronics. Mr Reyman sure that bankruptcy is owed more than 100 billion rubles “Angstrem-T” — erroneous scenario.In the framework of bankruptcy of plant of microelectronics “Angstrom-T” launched a real estate. As follows from the data of “Medresurs”, July 13 the contract was concluded for the sale of two buildings “Angstrem-T” in Zelenograd area of 15 thousand and 4 thousand square meters for the amount 354,7 million rubles. the Buyer is OOO “NM-Those” — “daughter” of VEB state Corporation.Russia won control of “Angstrem-T” for the debts at the end of 2018. The estate managed to sell three times the previous auction did not take place from-for absence of demands.According to “SPARK-Interfax”, “NM-Tech” is headed by the owner of the company for the production of lamps and lighting equipment “varton” CC Astra Linux (OOO “Rosbiotech-Astra”) Denis Frolov. This company is registered in Zelenograd, across the road from the complex of “Angstrem-T”. In March, following the meeting of creditors “NM-Those” already obtained a lease and sub-lease three plots of land on which is located the complex of “Angstrem-T”, according to documentation on the “Theresource”.The company “Angstrem-T” was founded in 2005 for the construction of a plant for the production of chips 90-130 nm with the prospect of transition to 65 nm. Before transition “Angstrem-T” to the web.Russia is a beneficiary of the company was the former Minister of communications Leonid Reiman. The loss of the company and its subsequent bankruptcy were the result of outstanding obligations to VEB.Of the Russian Federation on the credit line for €815 million In January 2020, the Moscow Arbitration court also confirmed the decision on inclusion in the register of creditors requirements on 424 mln RUB. from of Mr. Reiman.Following the procedure of the monitoring requirements of the creditors included in the register amounted to 103 billion rubles, of which 97 billion rubles falls on the web.Of the Russian Federation, told “Kommersant” in the press service of the Corporation. “In the course of bankruptcy proceedings, the Corporation plans to obtain the equipment “Angstrem-T” and send it to the state for the development of the microelectronic industry. Part of this real estate was purchased at auction”,— said VEB.Of the Russian Federation.The bankruptcy of “Angstrem-T” — a bad script, insists Leonid Reiman. According to him, despite the agreement that bankruptcy will not and the production continues, the web.Russia has taken the opposite position. “Now they themselves resell the assets in the bankruptcy, and it is a strange situation. In this sense the procedure is no, and a lot of harm, especially in the last year, the plant byl is stopped. The plant shutdown is a big problem. People who have fled, and the technology that’s lost,” he said. Mr. Reiman hopes that the government will pay attention to the situation and to return the production to succeed.In the practice of bankruptcy a situation in which the company becomes the owner of the debtor, the creditor and the purchaser of its assets, really uncommon, said the founder of the legal a.t.Legal Nikolay Titov. However, based on the volume included in the register of the debt to VEB.Russia can hardly expect that other creditors receive full satisfaction of their demands, he States.Based on the statistics of bankruptcy cases, the reactivation of “Angstrem-T” on the basis of the same legal entity is unlikely, says the head of the practice of judicial protection of “KSK group” Egor Gorin. In his opinion, the process are the political task of creating microelectronics, bankruptcy should allow to get rid of “bad debts formed as a result of mistakes of previous management and adverse market conditions.”Dmitry Shestoperov