The authorities intend to exclude from the comprehensive plan backbone infrastructure (KMI) port projects, which investors repeatedly violated the terms of input or confirm the announced investments. We are talking about projects with a total capacity of 34.5 million tons. The Ministry of transport is preparing a bill, where, according to “Kommersant”, investors may be required to provide Bank guarantees, sureties, and to report on the progress of the projects. Investors believe that then you need to equal responsibility by the state. According to experts, the new mechanism will help to weed out ineffective projects.Projects for the construction of ports, for which investors have not confirmed the original plans for the timing of input and the amount of funding or repeatedly violated them, can be excluded from KPMI. It follows from the Protocol of the state Commission on transport under the chairmanship of first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov July 21 (there is a “b”). An alternative to exclusion may be the shift of the input rail and road infrastructure in the ports, which is constructed by the state.July 21, the press service of the government reported that at the meeting of the Minister of transport Evgenie Dietrich has told about preparation of amendments to the legislation that will regulate the obligations of industry investors in the framework of the law on sea ports. Following the meeting, Andrey Belousov has instructed the transport Ministry to finalise the mechanism of interaction between the state and investors.According to the Protocol, indicators of KMI to increase capacity of sea ports in 2019 was not made up 27% (9.5 million tons). At the end of 2019 in the passport of the project included around 40 events. According to the Ministry of transport, investors now do not have confirmed plans to build up to 2024 a wide range of facilities: multipurpose area port Poronaysk, miner, Posiet, a complex for transshipment of alumina in the Bay of the Vanino terminal for transshipment of LPG in Vanino on the Northern shore of the Bay, Shorts, etc. In total we are talking about the ports with a capacity of 34.5 million tons. By mid-August the Ministry of transport needs to actualize the plans of investors in terms of the input and the objects of financing, after which proposals will be submitted for further work with problem projects.In the office of mister Belousova and in companies subject did not comment.The transport Ministry, “Kommersant” reported that the bill has been prepared and will soon be posted for comment on’s source familiar with the situation, said that the government Commission there was discussed the possibility to include in the agreement with FSUE “Rosmorport” requirements for investors to provide Bank guarantees, sureties, liens, etc., and also to report on the execution of the agreements. This will make investors more attentive to the manufacturer.��projects and carefully consider freight base, says the source “b”. In addition, KMI cleared from the projects competing for the same potential cargo base, he adds.Kommersant’s source in the industry believes that, imposing additional obligations on investors, you must provide the same liability guarantees from government agencies and companies. Reasonable, he believes, to make the rules of the game are equal and for business and for the state and provide a mechanism for the adjustment of plans as agreed by the parties. Otherwise, the interest of the business in the implementation of projects of development of port infrastructure will decrease, he adds. Another source “b” indicates that there are projects where the investor has fulfilled its obligations, and the state is not, and one example is nerealizovannoe promises of Russian Railways on the Eastern polygon. There is an investment contract model, concession, why invent a new guarantee, says another source “b”.The head of Infoline-Analytics Mikhail Burmistrov believes that KMI should be cleared of non-viable projects in which investors have no confirmed sources of funding. New commitments can become an additional burden on the investor, the expert assumes, but the share of these costs in the total cost of the project active will be negligible. For projects with obvious economic effect of providing such guarantee and will confirm the willingness of the investor to implement the project, he says.Anastasia Vedeneeva, Natalia Skorlygina