Julia norkina rebuffed boorish statement Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya at the program, what she still remembers, As it turned out, the stars of the talk show had a fight on the grounds of boorish statements Vitalina in the address of Tamara Semina, Julia was trying to protect people’s artist.

Julia norkina died in early June.. the Sudden and tragic death of the famous leading shocked not only her family and friends, but also enemies. As you know, norkina was a welcome guest on the set of the scandalous talk show, of course, that such esters were conflicts, often quite serious, amounting at times to battering.

Norcini Friend and colleague at the filming Leonid dzyunik told “MK”, what a scandal happened between Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Julia Norcini. It is especially important to remember given that ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan one of the first to react to the news of the death of Norcini their memories.

– Julia I knew only as a professional, strong and true woman, began Leonidas. – We often appeared together on a talk show.

– What was the most memorable production with the participation of Yulia?

– a Vivid example of our joint shoot was when Julia and I met in the program devoted to Dzhigarkhanyan and his family showdown with Tsymbalyuk – Romanovskaya. Mara on the set of jumped up and rushed to Tamara Semina, I tried to stop her, but Julia was faster. Norkina rushed to protect Tamara from Vitalina. Oh, there was the whole idea. Although life Julia was always friendly, “Hello-Hello, how are you doing” she had strong opinions. We have not had close relations, friendly, quick. But I know that Julius was indeed a very sincere woman.

What Tamara Petrovna Semin said Vitalina on the program?

– Semin started to talk about Dzhigarkhanyan, tried to intercede for him, and then it abruptly came Vitalina. So all of a, beginning Tamara Petrovna to ask: “what are You doing here? You do not know and do not know! Get ready and get out.” Here Julia could not stand it, stood up and pounced on Vitalinu: “well I went out, (more unflattering epithet – ed)!” This, of course, was cut from the program. But then, as Julia rushed and blocked the passage to Vitalina Semina was very impressive.

She Vitalina has published a fragment of those scandalous shots on the personal page in Instagram. The journalist “MK” asked her why she did it. Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya briefly explained to us.

“Yes, I have posted it. What kind of memory — such a publication about Yulia”.