Mikhail Efremov, through his own fault fallen into a terrible story, which the enemy does not want, somehow suspiciously quickly formed many uninvited friends and defenders. Some are willing and anguish pouring out your soul on the topic of what he drunk the guy was. Other build mnogohodovki conspiracy behind it shadowing was conducted, and the driver was not at all he and the other Silent, only his friends. The inner circle of the artist as clams. “Why?” – I think I asked this question to friends.

– Because we have just agreed among themselves, – explains to me on the condition of anonymity one of them, from the actor’s workshop, until there is a consequence, be silent to, first, do not harm him. And secondly, not to participate in these monstrous dancing on the bones of our friend. Whatever we say now will be considered the only way: a drunken friend blanch. The time will come, and we have to say.

I Wonder how many of you in the inner circle friends of Michael Efremova?

– Well, fifteen. We are in the age where friends are losing. And to acquire other do not want. We with Misha connect years, work, friendship and a lot of different that happened during these years. We, you see, any program did not go and not go. We will be at the expense of its tragedy, promoted as other “friends” and colleagues, and, for the loot or volunteer lawyers.

That’s it, I’ve seen running the whole videorussian where a woman and a man (judging by the strong dialect, not Muscovites) are excited to set out, as for Michael being tracked, demonstrates the genuine footage of the crash from cameras on the Garden ring, allegedly hidden by the authorities. And what exactly he was driving, and the one who got away. And all because of a vendetta against him, the Kremlin and the “bloody regime”. How do you feel about that?

– No need of Misha to make a Martyr and a dissident. Similarly, after Vysotsky’s death made it almost the only fighter against the regime. Life brought me to his real friends: they have preserved the memory and on cassette tape recording their conversations for tea or vodka. Never Vladimir Semenovich did not call their country shit, the people – cattle, did not say that he was ashamed of the fact that he is Russian, as claimed by some artists. If abused, chiefs, officials, who spoil the lives of people who often turned to Vysotsky, as a last resort – though it will help. His closest friends telling me how many people when he was alive, he was helped, moreover, on the top and fly away when he wanted to Paris, adapting to the schedule of Marina Vlady. And how to cover the cops with his accidents with the same drug, sorry. Why? Because love so it was – VSEHNIMI. From the bottom to the top. And also with Misha. In this sense, they can be SPO��oyno to compare.

Not stretch it to be? Misha, of course, not the author, as Vladimir Semenovich, but the actor power of compare.

– there is No exaggeration. Ephraim still love. And you know why? Because he is what he is. As they say, no lip color, not powders her face, that is, does not want to seem better than it is. On the fly is not change shoes in political views, no one under not adjusted to. He with his face, with its wrinkles, not smooth at Botox. With her figure, which no tears will not look.

– Well, maybe not watching him, as many men.

– Not because he has given up, no. He doesn’t need camouflage. He lives, without double standards, not evil. And attractive, for that love him. Any sober, drunk, every. And you know, for example, that when he was brought to the police the night after that horrible accident, the first thing the police were asking for his autographs? He just ran over a man on the road! Only I don’t call him a murderer. The killer is the one historian who beautiful graduate student was killed and the pieces cut, and then they carried parts of the house to the river to drown. So, Bear took the life of a man, and he does not justify himself. And we do not condone. He did not get out, he all at once recognized – he was drunk, got behind the wheel for all the answers. What do you want to ask I had colleagues who shout, “Crucify him, execute!”

it’s Amazing how all the same actor’s environment was divided in its attitude. As different estimates of the incident.

– And you know why? Many, especially those screamers, envy says such a profession. Envy to emergency when Misha all the Directors wanted to make, not theirs. But still, to a greater extent, 70 percent of our brother, knowing my relationship with him, please convey to Mike hi. But there are those who want blood. And I want to tell them: “Well, kill it right on the red square! Maybe it will be easier?”

I keep thinking about him. He is to blame, of course, but he didn’t want to deprive a person of life. I’m sure he passed out behind the wheel. I once sober blacked out behind the wheel: so tired, he did not know until now, how at the last second I woke up. And then flew into a ditch and overturned, and now we’re not talking.

But maybe something you do not know about it? About the same drugs.

he doesn’t have cocaine. It has been used. You know he what? Drunk, and if not, he will say: “Oh, something I do wrong, and not there…” he Apologizes.

the popularity of the hell he was. Well, about the police I said already – the night they autograph he asked for. In the state he’s in!!! Going, happened, with him on the street – all the attention on him. Recognisable 100%. “Efremov goes” – the rustle of the waves followed. He and cap pulled over his eyes, but…��when thou sign, when asking for an autograph, will perekalivatsja with one word, and only then leave. No contempt for the people, as happens with artists of far less cool than he is. And photographed much! Never refused.

When did you last speak with him?

– a Few days ago. Once again don’t want Sonia to be disturbed. She’s bad. Want father came to him, if allowed.

is it possible to convert?

– no, talk to him, to help him cope with himself.