– I, as a historian, the article is interesting for the Russian President, in particular, in that it clearly outlines a conceptual approach of Russia to peacekeeping on the ground. It is clear that both in the past and now your country is committed to the solution of conflicts is through peaceful means. In my opinion, so nature is laid down that the Russians and their leaders against any expansionist intentions, which, by the way, I can’t say about the West. First of all it concerns the USA, examples of which abound in the last century, and in the current.

If we talk about the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of Nazi Germany, it is difficult to overestimate. It’s huge. As a huge tragedy and your people lost in the war, which you rightly call the world, 27 million people. I think that throughout the long history of the country, including the Tatar-Mongol invasion, all previous wars, the share of your countrymen have never had such a dramatic test, as in the first half of the forties of the last century.

However, it seems to me that the fruits of the Victoria to a greater extent able to take advantage of the United States, which emerged from the war a much more powerful country compared to what it was previously. The US is removed, so to speak, the greatest profit both in economic and in geopolitical terms.

But Nazism as a phenomenon of the ridge broke out a doubt it was the Soviet Union! Without him, Western allies likely would not have been able to cope with Hitler. I do not exclude that in this case they would have to go to a separate peace or to resort to nuclear weapons, dropping on Germany two bombs, as it was in Japan, and much more. You can imagine what terrible consequences this would have for Europe.

you Know, I always been interested in the issues related to the military-historical themes. And that’s what I should celebrate. Of course, in the first period of that terrible war, the Red army suffered heavy losses, but then the pendulum swung the other way. And it happened, no doubt thanks to the selflessness of the Soviet soldiers. But not only that. I am convinced that the role was played by the brilliant theoretical achievements of the Soviet military schools of the late 20’s – mid 30-ies, which wasn’t equal in the world. Despite the Stalinist terror, which has suffered a number of representatives of this school such Soviet generals like Rokossovsky, Zhukov, Shaposhnikov, and others on the fields of grandiose battles to realize this advanced “science to win” in life and crush the Wehrmacht.

In his article the Russian leader accused the West in the manifestations of historical revisionism in relation to the Second world war and its outcomes. Notice that it was before, right after how was waged “cold war.” The purpose of this audit was creeping desire to belittle the contribution of the Soviet Union in the defeat of fascism, thereby causing harm to its image and now the image of Russia, the successor of the USSR.

In the same vein, you should consider attempt, as was done in last year’s resolution of the European Parliament, blamed for the outbreak of the Second world war at the same time in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, which is absolutely unacceptable both factual and historical point of view.