People can reduce the amount of food intake by restoring the sensitivity of their taste buds. It is necessary to remove from the diet foods that cause so-called food addiction.

the Doctor of medical Sciences Vasily Generalov told radio Sputnik that the taste buds affect the feeling of satiety. And if their sensitivity is broken, you may need to eat more.

the status of the receptors may, in particular, have a negative impact products-semi-finished products. Such foods can reduce the threshold of taste sensitivity, and this encourages people to use these products in greater numbers.

But if you refuse such food, it is possible to restore the sensitivity of receptors. The absence in the diet of semi-finished products and fast food will contribute to the purification of receptors.

“we Need to go for natural products based on meat, eggs, fish and green salads,” recommends Basil’s Generals.

this man can not only reduce the amount of food intake, but also test new or forgotten taste sensations.

“You feel the usual tomato or cucumber can also be sweet” – gives the example of Basil’s Generals.