a Lawyer Michael Barshchevsky has rejected charges of the businessman Elena RODEWAY rape, stating that she is diagnosed with schizophrenia. The woman provided “Газете.Ru” copies of documents purportedly showing her mental health and told the details of what she called “relationships” with Barshchevsky. Advokat Kalinov, to communicate with Radaway, but refused to represent her, said “Газете.Ru” he’s not convinced that a rape occurred. And he Barschevsky said that such a person as Elena Radaeva, does not exist. In conversation with our correspondent declared himself injured a woman this information in some way confirmed.

That the expert on club “What? Where? When?” Mikhail Barshchevsky in 2011 forced her into “disgusting” sex Elena Radaeva announced on his page in Facebook on August 9 of this year.

She claims that he appealed to Barshchevsky for help, as former business partners threatened to bring against it criminal case.

In conversation with the correspondent “Газеты.Ru” the woman clarified that it was about the article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”).

At that time, Radaeva was engaged in retail trade. She was one of the founders of the “PAT”, which specializes in Japanese cosmetics. According to her, in 2011-2014 she also worked as an assistant to Senator Valentina Petrenko.

Recalls Radaev, Barshchevsky gladly agreed to advise invited to meet at the cinema center on Krasnaya Presnya.

“During the meeting Barshchevsky offered to move in to his place to discuss my question, citing the fact that he is married and very well known, so can’t afford to meet girls in public places — Radaev has told. — I thought, this is a lawyer, an honorable man, why did he have something to do with me?”

According to the woman, to the apartment Barshchevsky they traveled by car “with flashing lights”. When they were at the lawyer’s house, he then allegedly assaulted her.

“I tried to resist. But are unable to fight back, because immediately fell into a stupor. I tried to push him away. Requested not to do so. After this happened, I was sitting naked on the bed. He took my picture and said, “Now we’ll see each other on a regular basis,” she continued.

Then, says Radaev, Barshchevsky began to blackmail her naked photos, but she continued to meet him from February to may 2011.

“they Came three or four times. Had sex for four months,” said Radaeva.

In the course of an interview “Газете.Ru” the woman repeatedly described their relationship as “relationship”. After clarification of the correspondent that “relationship” usually involves a mutual agreement, Radaeva ZayaVila’s “misspoke”. She added that after the rape Barshchevsky “blackmail forced her to have sex” for the next four months.

In a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the Barshchevsky called Radaeva “totally inadequate”.

“She is totally inadequate. This person does not exist. We glorify the person with untested words, some inappropriate “nickname” (probably talking about anonymous “Газета.Ru”). What is going on? Anyone can accuse anyone,” said Barshchevsky.

He also protested the fact that several publications had published the allegation of rape, not taking a comment.

That women supposedly diagnosed with “schizophrenia”, the lawyer said earlier “” channel “360”. He also assured that “saw her once in a lifetime, in the cafe”. In addition, “the”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies wrote that in the test material of the criminal case at RODEWAY was diagnosed with “schizophrenia” or “nonsense obsessions”. The woman said “Газете.Ru” that she is not and was not schizophrenia. Copies of certificates, which, according to her, it confirmed it handed over to the publication.

“Now Barshchevsky calls me schizophrenic and sick. According to him, any woman that has something against him say crazy. Can show a certificate that no schizophrenia I was not there. I was five forensic examinations in a criminal case. I do not suffer from any schizophrenia. I am also willing to go through the medical examination,” said Radaeva.

Source “” said that two years ago the Prosecutor’s office refused to Institute criminal proceedings “in the absence of the fact”.

In 2018, the press reported that Barshchevsky was accused of rape. Then to the Department of the interior in the Presnensky district of Moscow asked the 37-year-old Julia, “development Director of the company that sells vegetables.” Elena Radaeva confirmed to the correspondent “Газеты.Ru” that it was her: “Yulia, about which the media wrote in 2018, it’s me. Just under that name, I was called media. Apparently, at the moment im investigating authorities “leaked” information about me under this name”.

The woman claims that the Prosecutor’s office she was allowed not to give their real name and surname. In reality, however, is hardly possible. According to lawyers, the statement without the name or address is anonymous. According to paragraph 7 of article 141 of the code of criminal procedure, anonymous applications will not be considered.

In addition the accused Barshchevsky, the woman admitted that Radaeva is not her real name. Real she told to the correspondent “Газеты.Ru” but asked not to disclose, and the question “why?” replied “it’s personal”.

At the moment, Radaeva wants to pursue a criminal case against Barshchevsky at ��the act of rape. The criminal lawyer Maxim Kalinov, to whom she spoke, said to represent the interests of women refused. In turn Radaev argues that Kalin went out on it, responding to one of the posts in Facebook.

“to Protect its interests, I will not. Was the fact of application and all. I promised nothing, and decided to give up. I have no confidence that it was rape. In my opinion, this is out of the question. Besides, Barshchevsky is my colleague, honored lawyer of Russia. Talking about guilty or not, is not necessary,” — said Kalin “Газете.Ru”.

The lawyer noted that recommended Radivoj pass a polygraph study: “of Course, in a criminal case it is not a proof, but in my practice there were several cases when on the basis of the studies have opened a criminal case”.

The details of the treatment of RODEWAY Kalin refused to disclose, citing attorney-client privilege. He noted that a woman wants to pursue a criminal case and probably monetary compensation. However, Kalinov has not excluded, that speech can go about soliciting funds.

“I do not exclude that have the benefit of obtaining cash. However, you need to understand that if a criminal case is filed, it will be impossible to stop reconciliation with the victims”, — the lawyer added.

He also doubted that Barshchevsky could suffer “hundreds of girls”, what Radaeva wrote in his post on Facebook. “I suppose that if Barshchevsky has suffered hundreds of girls, at least one of them would have turned as soon as she was raped,” expressed the opinion Kalinov.

Meanwhile, a lawyer called Radaeva appropriate person. “To say that Elena has schizophrenia or some mental illness, I would not. She seemed a sane and adequate man,” he concluded.

She Radaev argues that recently she came up with another victim from the actions Barshchevsky. However, at the time of this writing “Газете.Ru” failed to contact her. Radaway also managed to find a lawyer from Kazakhstan, with which it concluded the agreement. According to claim 6. article 2 of the Federal law on “advocacy and the bar in the Russian Federation”, attorneys of foreign States carrying out activities on the territory of Russia, are registered in a special registry. At the time of publication the representative of Radaway, attorney law firm LegalEagle S. Nurmagambetov, was not able to provide registry number. He also declined to comment at this stage.