The daughter died last year artistic Director of theatre “Lenkom” Mark Zakharov, Alexander is registered in the narcological clinic, according to “Express newspaper”. The actress, doctors see the symptoms of alcohol dependence.

Scandalous news reporters told the Director of the clinic, Dmitry Baskin. He said that they have patients a lot of famous people who struggle with various addictions.

“Alexander Zakharov, alas, to him belongs”, – quotes the edition of words of the medic.

Journalists emphasize that the problems Zakharova with alcohol you know in “Lenkom”, where she serves. Despite the fact that the artist never disrupted performances and rehearsals, the authors believe that alcoholism is the reason that it is not set to lead the theater after the death of his father.

Colleague Zakharova on the stage the widow of Nicholas Karachentsova Lyudmila Porgina called the friend “an unhappy rich woman” without a husband, children and friends. Thus, the media became known that the leadership of “Lenkom” gradually deprives Zakharov roles in the productions, replacing it with more young Actresses.

Mark Zakharov, as reported by “Rambler”, died in September 2019 in the treatment of pneumonia in one of capital hospitals. He was 85 years old.