Forbes magazine made a rating of the richest stars of Russian show-business according to the revenues in 2020.

The list was headed by singer and General producer of TV channel RTVI Sergey Shnurov with the group "Leningrad" his income this year was ($8.8 million). The second position went to singer Yegor Krid ($6.9 million), the third – Dima Bilan ($6.8 million).

On the fourth line of the list was rap artist Busta ($6.6 million). Rounded out the top five is singer Philip Kirkorov ($6,6).

The rating also included singer Polina Gagarina ($6.4 million), the group "b-2" ($6 million), the singer Grigory Leps ($5.3 million) and others.

According to the magazine, the incomes of all individuals from the list would have been higher by an average of 12.5%, if not for the ban on holding mass events, introduced the pandemic coronavirus.

Income stars were considered for the period from may 1, 2019 to 30 April 2020.