A few days ago, the media reported that Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov will become parents. It has long been suspected of their fans.

Recently always slender Podolsky prefers to wear only clothes of a free cut, in the microblog singer no new photographs in which the artist would have shown the figure. Especially attentive subscribers have been able to consider the rounded belly of Natalia in some pictures.

Reporters contacted friends of the couple, who confirmed that Podolsky is indeed in the position. According to them, the couple does not yet want to tell you about the new addition and try as much as possible to hide the pregnancy Natalia.

“Natasha insanely happy as Volodya, because they wanted more children! You don’t want to share with fans, is quite normal, give them time”, — told the “StarHit” surrounded by couples.

Natalia and Vladimir is a son of Artemis, and fans have long been waiting for when the couple will decide on a second baby. Natalia is not excluded that again will become a mother, but all the assumptions of the user about pregnancy in the last few years was denied.