Automotive expert Egor Vasilyev said in an interview with Prime about the new fines that are prepared for the owners of the Russian government. In particular, drivers will be punished for damage to urban infrastructure and dangerous driving.

According to Vasilyev, the Ministry of justice submitted to the Code of administrative offences (Cao) of the proposal, according to which there will be several new penalties.

With the filing of Department of the car owners will be obliged to pay for damage to urban infrastructure. We are talking about throwing garbage or avtohlama. Under the latter, the expert assumed, refers to machines that have become “real”, because they are no longer used.

the Fine will amount to 5 thousand rubles for individuals and 35 thousand rubles — for legal entities.

the same punishment awaits for Parking on the lawn, children’s and sports grounds, as well as for washing in the wrong places.

For driving while intoxicated or refusing medical examination will have to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles. Alternatively, the security of the car.

reckless driving is punishable by a fine of 5 thousand rubles. In Vasilyev’s opinion, is the most uncertain category of violations, as define dangerous driving criteria are too vague.

in addition, the new Cao may enter a rule on the breach of peace from 23 o’clock till 7 o’clock in the morning. Under its action will be the owners of cars with faulty alarms.