People’s artist Nadezhda Babkina, 31 days was between life and death for coronavirus infection, even after discharge, needs help.

The singer now lives with a young girl Alla. The nurse assists in all star. She began working at grandmother when she was in the hospital.

a few days at home with her will stay the same nurse who cared in the house. She still has a long course of physiotherapy, told concert Director Sergei Peas.

According to the representative of the singer, Babkina hard without family and attention of their fans. But she is ready to fight on. Now her mood is slowly improving, writes KP.RU.

Babkin did not treated under the policy CHI, and in a private clinic. On drugs, she spent about 350 thousand rubles. One day in the intensive care unit on artificial lung ventilation in the clinic is worth 150 thousand rubles, Babkina was in intensive care for more than a week is little more than a million rubles. Day in the ordinary room cost 50 thousand rubles. The total amount for the stay in the hospital amounted to about 2 million rubles, wrote