Authorities in Pskov region intend from 16 may to allow residents of the region to go out for walks, which is currently banned due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. In addition, on 21 may will allow the holding of services for the areas around the temples, this was announced by Governor Mikhail Vedernikov at the meeting in regional administration.

"it is Advisable, if the numbers do not disappoint us, from this weekend to allow people an opportunity to go out for individual trips. We have a balanced approach to this issue will come and have a look, so that different groups do not overlap. Health, immunity, if people will have the opportunity daily, even for a short time to walk down the street, to get your blood flowing, some fresh air, it must safely effect on the situation" – said Vedernikov.

He also added that the regional authorities intend to allow the holding of religious services, but on the condition that they will be held outdoors, on the areas around the temples. This indulgence was planned to introduce from may 6, but it was postponed because last week one of the wards had violated the decree of the Governor and held a service right in the Church. According to the Metropolitan of Pskov and Porokhov Tikhon (Shevkunova), the room at the same time were about 50 people without respect for social distance and anti-epidemic measures.

"with regard to the authorization services with the participation of the congregation. The Bishop came by today, we have discussed the issue. If everything is in order, then we expect that from 21 may the opportunity we, our clergymen will provide. There are Church holidays. If everyone has a responsible approach to this issue, we finally implement this model", – said the Governor.

In the region at the moment there are 351 cases of infection. According to the regional operational headquarters in the Pskov region recorded 8 deaths. Recovered 96 people.