One of the most striking outcomes of the first three after the restart of the season rounds of the championship of Russia on football became the highest scoring in the end game. They were crammed with nearly a third of all goals in this segment. Trend, indicating that after a break connected with coronavirus pandemic, a tremendous importance is the difference in the freshness of it at the finish of the meetings has already been noticed in foreign Championships, such as in German. But in Russia, it seems even more obvious.Perhaps the most interesting result of the first three rounds after June 19, the restart of the championship of Russia can be considered plenty of goals in those segments matches that are usually attributed to the endings. In international football statistics, this is the line that is connected with the 81st minute, that is, covering the final ten minutes of regular time games and compensated in connection with the stops time. They always have a slightly higher performance than those that precede them. Back in may, based on the example of the German championship resumed a month earlier than other major Championships, specializing in statistics resources predicted that the performance of these minutes in all competitions soar. This happens because of the terrible physical condition of the athletes did not have opportunities to train: after a giant pause of enormous importance to gain “factor of freshness and physical fitness”.After the restart it was played 21 games (the ones that resulted in a technical defeat survived the outbreak of coronavirus “Orenburg”, not included). In total, these meetings were 51 goal scored, 15 of them — just goals in the end. Thus, the share of these balls was 29.4%, and the average count in the match of 0.71.The most indicative in this case will be comparison with the spring part of the championship, which managed to hold to the “coronavirus vacation.” It was three rounds (who, incidentally, was also preceded by a fairly long break). Within this segment was played a little more games than in June— 25, but scored just nine goals (15% of the total — 59, 0.36 in average per match). In the Bundesliga, the season has been completed, indicators, incidentally, is also noticeably inferior to the current Russian. In Germany, goals scored after the 80th minute, make up less than one quarter of the total.It is necessary to consider a caveat. It is considered that this in particular leads to an increase in goals in the end — because of the freshness of players coming on the field. In the Russian Premier League (RPL) at the maximum of the new “privilege” was only used by the leader — “Zenit”, who made five substitutions in each of the three matches. And there were clubs that if you didn’t know about the innovation (see reference). And there was even a match, the first after the restart, between the “Wings of the Soviets” and “Ahmad”, which two rivals made one change.* with the 81st minute.Alex Armor, Eugene Fedyakov