Russian athletics, as expected, was on the verge of expulsion from the international sports community. The all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) missed deadline for payment of the fine of $5 million, her head issued by the international Federation — World Athletics. This was one of the key points in the recovery Protocol, and so long under sanctions from the wfla. Now, at least before the meeting of the Council of World Athletics in late July, the Russian athletes won’t be able to claim neutral status, and consequently, on performance in international competitions.On Thursday, the international athletics Federation issued a statement on the situation with the Russian athletics, specifically what happened on 1 July. This day was chosen as the deadline for paying the Russian athletics Federation a fine of $5 million It was one of the key conditions prescribed World Athletics in the minutes of the easing of the sanctions package for wfla. It was adopted in the beginning of the year after the next crisis in the domestic athletics, which is under sanctions and the non-recognition of violations of doping and corruption in 2015. For half a decade, culminating in them Russian athletes were forced to participate in an international competition in the neutral status, but recently the situation for them has worsened. The verdict of the World Athletics, who discovered fraud in doping case jumper Danil Lysenko, envisioned a complete elimination of wfla, and hence a total ban for domestic athletes to participate in international competitions in the event of failure of the recovery Protocol. Meanwhile, the Russian Federation, the penalty did not pay, citing the difficult economic situation. The rhetoric of his withered left no doubt about how the delay was perceived. Mr. CoE, recognizing that the Russian athletics “experiencing difficult times”, however, stressed that the “extremely disappointed with the lack of progress of the club in compliance with established criteria in March”. In addition, Sebastian CoE announced that it was ceasing work on two closely related crisis of wfla. This is the working group for its restoration, designed to monitor the process, and the group involved in issuing permits for participation in competitions in neutral status. Mr CoE concluded that the World Athletics “has done everything possible to support the club” in her recovery, but all efforts “wasted”.Meanwhile, Sebastian CoE still stressed that no decisions regarding the fate of the Federation after a delay of the deadline for payment of the fine structure in any case to take not ableand. Make them entitled only to its Supreme body, the Council of World Athletics, and the “Russian question” would be considered at its next meeting, scheduled for July 29-30.Predicting stance in front of him Russian sports authorities, you need to remember that the Ministry of sports of Russia, Olympic Committee of Russia have insisted that it is impossible to link the future of athletes with payment of the fine. In their view, the “clean” athletes in any case can not be denied the right to compete.The most famous Russian athlete, three-time world champion Mary Laecken, commenting on the “b” statement of World Athletics, said that “in today’s environment one cannot rule out any option” it “further actions, including withdrawal from the national team”: “I’m tired of the mess the last five years, the impunity and inaction of the leadership of our sport, not properly protecting clean athletes”.Alex Armor, Evgeni Fedyakov,“b” has collected the history of doping athletes from 2000 godcity next