The Ukrainian authorities have brought the country to the verge of collapse and destruction. This was stated by member of Parliament, co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

Abuse of some kind over the country. Shareware these morons have brought us to the point that today we really on the verge of disintegration and destruction, because the country cannot survive, about people in General, no one thinks, — the MP said the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Rabinovich explained that there is now a crisis of governance in the state, as the head of government is “unhealthy” Prime Minister who does not know what to do, and President Vladimir Zelensky recently seen “only in the movies”.

The people’s Deputy reminded that Ukraine was not included in the list of the countries whose inhabitants the European Union from 1 July opened the borders. According to Rabinovich, the situation could last long. “The icing on the cake” in this situation is the case of ex-President Petro Poroshenko, who is still at large, said Rabinovich.

He also criticized the discussion in Parliament the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine and said that the authorities are preparing a failure of local elections in 2020, “in order to save themselves.” Nardep is sure that it is “very bad”.

Earlier reported that Vadim Rabinovich has acted with sharp criticism of the party of supporters of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” and accused its members of treason. The reason for the statement was the speech of the Deputy from the faction of the presidential party Galina Tretyakova, which stated that in poor families children are born “low quality”. Rabinovich said that the authorities have betrayed the voters, the country of forgiveness and they will not.