Instagram passed a vote, which was chosen leading the new season of “heads and tails”. It was assumed that the winners will be determined by direct counting of votes.

For Nastja Ivlieva voted almost 700 thousand users of the network. Her candidacy was recognized by all for all.

“This is the first case in the history of the Tails, when 680 thousand people returned themselves leadership in the season‼ You just took, and decided my plans for the next six months!”, – Ivleva wrote in microblogging.

But with Yulia Koval the situation is ambiguous. Not all wanted to see her as the lead.

On the contrary, there were many posts with the hashtag #triconchal, but they apparently were not taken into account.

Some followers blamed Ivlievu in collusion with the channel “Friday”.

They decided that the survey was conducted for the sole purpose of attracting attention to the program.

“I’m certainly happy for Nastia, I voted for her return (because it’s priceless, I think you will understand me), but that’s about Koval interesting there is a question. So many negative reviews about it and still took it? Then what caused this rating?” – quotes the words of one of podeschi

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Publish from NASTYA IVLEVA (@_agentgirl_) 31 Jul 2020 4:03 PDT