First far East mortgage at two percent received the owner of “far Eastern hectare” in Sovetskaya Gavan in Khabarovsk region. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Agency for the development of human capital in the far East and the Arctic.

a Resident of Sovgavan took a mortgage to build a house. Clarifies that the amount of the loan amounted to three million rubles.

“From the beginning of the construction season of the program of preferential crediting under 2% per annum starting to use the owners of the “far East ha.” The first “far Eastern mortgage” to “ha” received a resident of Sovetskaya Gavan in Khabarovsk region,” — said in the message.

Under the terms of a conventional mortgage for 10 years, the monthly payment was to be 45-50 thousand rubles, the discount program is 27 thousand rubles. Also in the program is allowed to use means of the parent capital.

the Woman said that her family had long dreamed of his home, but lacked the funds and was not a suitable site. “However, decided to start from the ground — a year ago decided to take “far Eastern hectare” and found the plot area of 22 acres right in the heart of the Soviet Harbour with views of the Bay”, — quotes Agency her words.

To date, 7,44 concluded thousands of contracts for “far Eastern mortgage”. The total amount of loans is about 26 billion rubles. A total of 26 thousand applications, the average loan size made up 3.49 million rubles.

Earlier in March in Russia, predicted the demand for preferential far Eastern mortgage due to changes in the foreign exchange market and the epidemic of coronavirus.