more Dangerous than the coronavirus may be any other disease, which in “peace” time it seems harmless. The epidemic areas of the hospital sometimes is not even enough for emergency patients. People from different regions told us how they were denied admission. Survived that, not all.

a Month ago, 30-year-old woman, Maria Simon died after a few times they refused to go “fast”. Due to the inflammation of the kidneys are swollen lungs, then heart. Check on the fact of abandonment began only after publications in the media a month after the treatment the mother of the deceased to the Investigative Committee. This story is not unique.

“the Coronavirus has no, take it from a hospital”

Marinov Valentin Trofimovich, 83, Yekaterinburg. Died on may 23. Tells his grandson Andrew.

“it All started last Monday, the morning he woke up and thought that I had a cold. Two days before that my grandfather was cheerful and worked hard. It was all a Zinger. Had a fever of 39.5, never he was not like this. Grandma called an ambulance. Thought I would take him to the hospital, check. The doctors came and said, “are You kidding? How old is he! And we have some coronavirus, he will be infected for sure!”. They convinced us, and under so much pressure that he will pick up the coronavirus, we have written a refusal of admission.

On the second day the grandfather became worse: the temperature dropped, there was a strong symptoms of poisoning, disturbed coordination — he began to behave “like a drunk”. Again we called for an ambulance. They thought long and hard where to put it. Was taken to the veterans hospital on Broad river. There he was kept for about 2-3 hours, then said, what did the tests, coronavirus and therefore take. Other diseases they don’t lie.

I pull up to the front office and see the grandfather standing on the porch, one absolutely. When I saw that I tried to me to go, but again like a drunk, all left feet, barely managed to catch him so he wouldn’t fall. No it is not conducted.

Brought him home. Temperature all that time, not abated, in the night from 21 to 22 may, he became delirious. To get up he couldn’t.

3 night we again called for an ambulance hours before 8 a.m. they have sat and tried to put him on a drip and was wondering where we can take him. A place was found in the town Sysert, it is 50 km from Yekaterinburg. Determined grandfather there. But then to call were only able to hours to 5, half of the rooms I just sent: “don’t call us, we have no right to give information, who is where is”. In the end I phoned the doctor and he said that my grandfather’s kidneys failed and he is on a drip.

the next morning called and said that the heart has stopped. The last doctor with whom we talked, explained that if he brought the first brigade of “first”, it would be received and saved. He said by the symptoms it was immediately clear that this is the kidneys”.

“would be the coronavirus was taken to, and where are we?”

Pravednikova Nadezhda, 67, Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region. Died April 26. Tells her daughter Elena.

“my Mom became ill on April 22, was renal colic. The ambulance came, laughed, said, “If you had colic, you would was lying on the floor, and you can even walk”. Mom was getting worse, 25 April, she could no longer sleep. Again called for an ambulance, to measure pressure, EKG. I insisted on hospitalization, so she did an ultrasound and tests promptly. The nurse said: “If there was a coronavirus, it would have taken, and where are we?”.

Mum was getting worse, began to weaken and the hands and feet, again we called for an ambulance. She drove us 3.5 hours. The doctor took me into the kitchen and asked if I know about my mother’s diagnosis. Said that mom has cancer. I was in shock. 24 years ago she had cancer, but she successfully recovered. But the doctor said this insidious disease that has already metastasized, and those in the hospital are not taken. No other options, the hospice, for example, no one offered.

There is already dad began to swear, I began to shout: “Well, do something!”. When I said that doctors must take a patient if an ambulance call the third time, they finally agreed to take mom to the hospital. There mom asked me to do her ultrasound, she said that hurts her kidney, but she said that the ultrasound machine is broken and it is not clear where. Made some reason a chest x-ray and rewrote the diagnosis about cancer EMTs. And put to patients of SARS.

on the Morning of 26 April, the mother died. The autopsy showed that the problem was indeed a kidney stone stuck in the ureter and began to fester. Then there was a blood infection. The coroner said that if the first ambulance took her, checked her words about the pain in the kidney and found the stone — mother would have survived.”

“What should happen to the case was the emergency?”

Tokarev Nikolai, 71, Naberezhnye Chelny. Refused admission with acute heart failure. Says daughter Valeria.

“my father had congestive heart failure with fluid in the lungs. Lungs do not work properly, can only breathe sitting up, his feet were blue and swollen. Hospitalization for “fast” we were not denied, but was brought to the hospital. Although they should have been putting in cardiology to thoracic surgeon drained the fluid from his lungs. But we said, all must first pass through the infectious diseases hospital.

When it became clear that it is not pneumonia, but in the heart, then immediately write outLee. Condition at discharge — “moderate”, although I would say heavy. But what is written is written. Shortness of breath, swelling of strong, rapid pulse 125-140 beats per minute, supine in a relaxed position. CT scan showed the scar, enlarged lungs, atrial fibrillation. That is the heart go to waste shakes, plus two heart attacks under his belt, plus age.

But we were told — if not pneumonia, then the place of residence. But how?! Recording on the website there is not expected to go father. Doctor that you can call from the clinic — no cardiologist, he even prescribe medicines can’t. Paid doctors are in quarantine. And the liquid itself is of the light will not go…

In the ambulance said that it made no sense to drive back to the hospital — you will not take only father’s exhausted. Hospitalitynet, said only emergency patients, to which I asked: what should happen, that he was the emergency?

Called pay, the only one in town cardiologist, who agreed to come, for 3000 rubles. Prescribed diuretics, but even without any medical training it is clear that it is not a panacea. At his age, diuretics wash potassium, and will only worsen the heart. Here’s a vicious circle.”

“Where all diseases are gone — one cowed!”

Hope Avonova (revised), 53, Leningrad oblast, Lomonosov district. Refused hospitalization with atelectasis (spadenie lobe) of the lung.

“Sick with the 2011 sarcoidosis of the lungs. This inflammatory disease. Once or twice a year I put on a planned hospitalization. But this year, not only that, I have fibrosis of both lungs, and the right lung has ceased to unfold. Atelectasis. At the reception I was given a referral for hospitalization to make fibroscopie. Waited a month and a half with great hope for help. On April 22, was assigned to hospitalization, but then, referring to the quarantine, refused. I don’t understand where all sickness disappeared — one covid! Even the queue to the lung is blocked until may 31.

I asked, to me in the clinic fibroscopy did. But the doctor said, “I Want you out of here in the intensive care unit was taken?”. The doctor on reception is very good, to it no complaints. Need a hospital, but in the regional IRINA Lunacharsky in St. Petersburg, I was refused.

it’s hard for Me to breathe, for 10 days breathing through a nebulizer for inhalation drugs. The inhaler always in the jacket that was on hand. I cherish, I go out only to the Gulf of Finland, to breathe the sea air. If I get more and coronavirus, it will slowly die. How to me to live, I don’t know.”

“the hospital said: “you never know what the oncologist ordered!”

Yekaterinburg, a patient with cancer refused hospitalization. Says the daughter, Catherine Gusevskaya.

“my dad has throat cancer 3rd St��DII. Some time ago he began to fall hemoglobin. The oncologist prescribed a blood transfusion for a referral to the hospital was sent to the therapist. The therapist said that he did not know which hospital can put his father in Yekaterinburg, almost all hospitals are closed under the coronavirus. Official direction refused to give. We went to the head of the clinic, different doctors all shrugged their shoulders. Although in cancer there are techniques, but none canceled. And the hospital put can’t.

So a month passed, we fought against the wall, no one could tell even as we all wait. Time passed, the hemoglobin fell, the condition worsened. If not blood transfusion, it does not take on chemotherapy, shifting all the treatment and the outcome is clear.

We called in an ambulance for 15 minutes nobody took the phone just. Called to the emergency room of our hospital for the community, described the situation. I said, “If we do you will bring, will you?” Said, to clarify in therapy. I called, said there is a certain Lyudmila Dmitrievna, said, “What is this nonsense? No, of course, do not take!”.

in the Morning we broke down and still drove my father to the 20-th hospital. In the waiting room was greeted by a very adequate job, even has become a curse that we have so long endured, explained that the transfusion urgently needs to do. After some time again calls Lyudmila gerchikova from therapy and says: “I discharged, for hospitalization for no reason!”. I began to explain to her that the father is in urgent need of transfusion, and so we waited a month, it’s a matter of life and death. When I recalled what the oncologist prescribed a transfusion, she said — you never know what the oncologist ordered!

In the end, scandals, abuse, managed to persuade her to leave father in the hospital only when I said I’m going to call the Ministry of health and the head physician. And forced her to give us a written rejection of hospitalization. It worked. But what to do for older people, or those who do not have so much power and arrogance?”

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