Alexander Tolmatsky, father and music producer decl, said the lack of prospects started rapping grandson Tony Kiselyov. It is reported by REN TV.

“the Work as a hobby 15-year-old boy — well, everything is normal. And as a further kind of action — I don’t know what to do with it,” said the producer.

He added that his grandson should concentrate on their studies, and to restore fellowship with his grandmother.

Earlier, 15-year-old Tony Kiselev published in Instagram her first rap song dedicated to the power. It begins with the phrase “99.9 percent are” and “tired metaphors and aphorisms”.

“I Expect, enduring totalitarian cleaning” — read performer.

Kiselyov mentioned in the track of the people who “heaped up in the country a bunch of dirty deeds”.

“Taxes, mandates, soldiers, uniforms, fake stars, regiments, commanders, passes the feds with the seasoning of the party, a crossroads of roads stood up too crooked”, — is spoken in the track.

He died in the early hours of 3 February 2019 in Izhevsk. It is judicial-medical examination has established that the 35-year-old actor died due to acute heart failure.