MOSCOW, 9 may. /TASS/. Facebook due errors automated tool deleted photos where Soviet soldiers hoisting the victory Banner over the Reichstag. This was reported by TASS, the official representative of the company.

“This content was removed in error by our automated tools detect violations and now restored. We apologize in advance for any arising in connection with this inconvenience,” the company said.

From pandemic Facebook temporarily sent home teams that are responsible for the verification content.

“We want our platform remains a safe place for communication of people with each other in this situation, so at the moment we rely more on our automated systems scan and remove content that violates community standards. The less people can consider publications of images and comments that could potentially violate our standards, the more likely the assumption of certain mistakes,” said a company spokesman, adding that such cases Facebook is trying to solve as quickly as possible.

Earlier, the Russian users of Facebook has drawn attention to the fact that the security social network has closed access to the publications containing the correspondent of the photochronicle TASS Eugene Chaldea “Victory Banner over the Reichstag”.

“Your submission violates our community standards in relation to dangerous people and organizations. Your post is hidden from others. These rules are designed to prevent damage to anyone in the real world”, — stated in the message accompanying the social network.