For parents of preschool children will be held online seminar “Exploring space at home”. It will hold a may 7, experts from the Moscow centre of quality of education. Beginning at 13:00.

the Participants of the online workshop find out how to talk to children about the heavenly bodies, in which thematic games can be played and what experiences to put. Also we will talk about mobile apps, dedicated space.

the Online meeting will be useful not only to parents but also teachers. You can connect to it here. Materials on the results of online meetings, including recording of the workshop will appear on the website of the Moscow center of quality of education in the section “Parents”.

Conduct educational online seminars for parents of children of preschool age, the specialists of the Moscow center of quality of education started on April 30th. They talk about child development and education at home. In particular, they will learn how this can help modern gadgets, digital and interactive technologies. Online broadcasts are on Thursdays. Announcements upcoming events can be found on the website of the center.