This version is in German newspaper die Welt, citing a study conducted in Munich, clinic Schwabing (Mümain train station Klinik Schwabing). That immune response caught in the body of the infection quickly eroding, announced by scientists from king’s College London, which tested more than 90 patients and health workers of the National health service UK (NHS) with COVID-19.

British scientists have found that 60% of the cases the level of antibody production peaked three weeks after the first symptoms. But after three months of strong immunity to the coronavirus preserved only in 17 percent of observed, reported by The Guardian and the Daily Mail. So, doubts were expressed not only in the effectiveness of future vaccines, but also that the epidemic will end naturally when you overcome 60-70 percent of the population. After all, if ill after a few months will again become vulnerable to virus, to achieve population immunity will not work, will start re-infection.

meanwhile, yesterday it became known that the first Russian vaccine against coronavirus infection can be registered at the beginning of August. In Russia, studies of immunity in people who have suffered COVID-19. Among others, this search deals with a group of specialists of the Center Genetico in conjunction with other scientific organizations. “RG” asked the center’s Director Artur Isayev to tell you about the interim results of research and comment on the data of foreign scientists.

Artur Isaev

Director of the Center Genetico:

– I would be very wary of such publications and do not make hasty conclusions because the research is ongoing. Remember: in the beginning of the epidemic, it was suggested that immunity to new infection will be weak, if any, will arise. And based are version that to other similar viruses – coronavirus – long immunity is not produced. But now, six months later, there are more data and have the opportunity to analyze them.

Yes, a constant high level of antibodies and the immunity to this virus is unlikely, as features of the proteins of the virus interfere with it. It is a common thing – we know that there is infection, which is sufficient time to recover, and to protect the rest of your life. But to other infections of such resistant immunity is not formed. What patients the number of antibodies decreases with time, was expected.

on the other hand, even when antibodies in the blood ill no, the antibody immune system is quickly activated. In-memory cells start to produce the right antibodies as soon as the virus enters the orgaNISM. But for further protection when you re meeting with a pathogen is important another form of immunity – cellular immunity t-lymphocytes. They have a special “memory” and re-infection detect virus and infected cells and destroy them, the elimination of “wipe” the body of the virus.

There is evidence that cellular and antibody immunity is formed not only in response to SARS-CoV-2, but similar to other coronaviruses, and if people met them before, when infected with the novel coronavirus the body to better cope with the disease. This is one of the possible explanations why the majority of infected carries the disease in a mild form.

Our research began in April. What we have seen? The level of antibodies in different patients. Moreover, the observed pattern: higher levels of antibodies in people who recover with symptomatic. Those who suffered the disease easy or asymptomatic, often low titers. But reducing the number of antibodies in the blood does not imply absence of immunity, to speak about it while early.

the Study of cellular immunity, we also do, and we can already say that it is produced in the absolute most ill. But how long antibody and cellular immunity to protect against invasion of coronavirus in the future, too, is difficult to say. It is encouraging that although studies conducted by many researchers in many countries, there is no publication, reliably confirming cases of re-infection. This, as you know, is very important. So you can not say that it is impossible to create an effective vaccine.

this is a very important direction of research is the study antialaising enhance infection. The “failure” of the immune system when in response to the contact of the virus begins so paradoxical interaction with antibodies and mass destruction of cells of the immune system that there is a strong inflammatory response – the cytokine storm, about which so much is said. To understand what role this process plays in severe cases COVID-19, is extremely important. Not only in order to understand the nature of the complications and learn how to avoid it, but to create a safe vaccine. This is something we are also working.