the Most harmful habits during the restrictive measures associated with the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, are overeating, drinking alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. Warned about this nutritionist Alexander Kirilenko and immunologist Anatoly Ostashev.

Nutritionist called night overeating is the biggest mistake that caught up in the mode of self-isolation people. The expert drew attention to the fact that many often “seize” the stress resulting from viewing a large amount of negative news about the coronavirus. Preference is given to fast food with the addition of carbonated beverages. Because of this, according to him, many exacerbated chronic diseases.

“This way of life is the path to obesity, appearance of diabetes, the heart disease. Worsens hormonal balance, increases the risk of atherosclerosis, dementia”, – quotes the expert “Evening Moscow”. She also highlighted the adverse interest in the drinks.

No less pernicious habit is long sitting at the computer, said immunologist Anatoly Ostashev.

“As usual, the person fulfills the shift, and he, in theory, is not a bad idea to walk around the apartment, to do some warm-up, stretch your body. And what does the majority? They continue to sit and switch to watching all movies, games and other entertainment programs,” — said the interlocutor of the edition, indicating that such a lifestyle increases the risks of heart attacks, strokes and oncological diseases.