Daughter staged a fatal accident on Smolensk square in Moscow the actor of Michael Efremova Anna-Maria wants to put him in jail, and her mother an actress Ksenia Kachalina in a mental hospital. About the fourth wife of the actor told interview “Express newspaper”.

June 8, Efremov intoxicated driving a black jeep drove into oncoming traffic on the Garden ring in Moscow and collided with a car courier service, whose driver because of his injuries died in hospital.

In regard to Ephraim was a criminal case under article of the criminal code on violation of traffic rules. He pleaded guilty and is currently under house arrest in an apartment in the apartment house Herman Broydo in the center of Moscow at the address: Plotnikov pereulok, 4/5.

Kseniya Kachalina was the fourth spouse of the actor. Now, according to media reports, she is dependent on alcohol. Recently her 19-year-old daughter of Ephraim Anna-Maria announced that she was going to take the mother into care and cure from addiction.

“This is bullshit!” commented on the intention of the daughter of the actress.

From the point of view of a woman, Anne-Marie wants to put Ephraim in jail, and sending her to a psychiatric hospital. In addition, Kachalina said that he pays no attention to the antics of his daughter, because the zodiac sign Libra, and 90 percent said it is a fiction and adventure.

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