the Kremlin does not share the opinion that before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, “Putin has become more.” “I can’t share this feeling,” said Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the observations of journalists that the number of interview references to the Russians and overall appearances of Vladimir Putin to the screen recently increased.

“It supports the same activity that he had always. It’s his style of work”, – said Peskov.

According to a spokesperson, in the country “was a very strict quarantine, which, however, had no impact on the work schedule of the President”: the President stayed in touch and held events. “As soon as the quarantine period is softened and we see that the dynamics of the incidence has been steadily going down, changing the balance of intramural and extramural meetings of the President”, – said Peskov. He noted that Putin “has reduced activity” during strict quarantine measures, “do it now”.