Moscow. May 17. INTERFAX.RU — this year’s song contest also was held in Rotterdam, but was canceled due pandemic coronavirus.

the international song contest “Eurovision” in 2021 will be held in Rotterdam, organizers said.

the decision on the venue of the competition were announced during a special show “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light”, which took place on Saturday is cancelled due pandemic coronavirus “Eurovision-2020”.

on March 18, the organizers announced that “Eurovision” for the first time in the history of canceled due coronavirus, the competition will take place in 2021.

“the Eurovision-2020” this year, it would take from 12 to 16 may in Rotterdam. The Netherlands received the right to lead the competition after the victory of his by Duncan Lawrence on the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

Representatives of Russia before the abolition of the competition were chosen the band Little Big with the song Uno. In March, the clip is a Little Big became the most popular video among the other participants of “Eurovision” on the official channel of the contest on YouTube.

Eurovision is an annual song competition among the countries of the European broadcasting Union. The competition is held every year since 1956, and is one of the most popular non-sporting events in the world with an audience of 600 million viewers. In 2015 the competition takes part in Australia.