Soviet and Russian actress Tatyana Vasilyeva was hospitalized with severe cough and high fever. National artist of the Russian Federation suspected COVID-19, but she didn’t wait for the test results, escaped from the hospital. This is stated in the story programs “You would not believe!” on NTV.

According to journalists of TV channel, now Vasilyeva faces a fine of 5,000 rubles. It is reported that the neighbors of 73-year-old celebrity worried about her health because she sits at home in quarantine, but how is unknown.

the actress assured reporters that complies with the quarantine and, as she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, and treated with antibiotics.

“I physicians had not seen because I am my own doctor for a long time and I have everything in order. No fever, not coughing, have to do only CT, but also unknown when, where, what”, – has shared details Vasiliev.

She also said that she had to stay inside for three more days.

however, Vasilyev expressed hope that it will not be fined. Because the escape from the facility she made out of fear that there will become infected with coronavirus infection of a new type, because the hospital had too many coughing patients.

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