I’m getting complaints of TV viewers, as well as public organizations, in particular, be respected like CRO “Spiritual Assembly of the Muslims of Russia”, with a number of claims on the content of the television series “zulaikha opens his eyes”, which was shown on the channel “Russia-1”. At the request of the applicants would like to comment on this situation.

the Series is “zulaikha opens his eyes,” disappointing. In the stories told on TV, gone is the individuality of the author’s view of the GULAG – look women’s. Zulaikha – the main character of the novel – the downtrodden Muslim woman living under Sharia law and considers them as the norm (husband beaten, tortured mother-in-law) through inhuman suffering takes on a new world, and inner freedom. From the downtrodden creatures she turns into a thinking person with a sense of dignity, freed from superstition and takes the fate into his own hands.

the protagonist (the chief settlement) under the same conditions to be disappointed in their ideals. Idealist, blindly believing in communism, he discovers the seamy side of what is happening. The meanness, the greed, primitiveness of those in power, their immorality and violence, their love, in spite of circumstances, find new ways to solve the eternal theme – the executioner and the victim. But they are both victims.

there is Nothing like this in the series. Disappeared nerve. The first two series and frankly lethargic secondary. All of this has happened before: dispossession, violence, lawlessness. The wicked step-mother, husband – primitive, hard – what used to be called “typical fist”, do not understand the psychological motives of relationships within the family. Further, the intensity of the action increases, but only by acute episodes (with the bear, the birth of a child, etc.) is particularly unfortunate role of negative characters – this is a repetition of the past. Frankly a bad end. Logically, it should be open, because in front of the characters have a completely different life.

This is my personal opinion… Maybe in connection with the above me and there were numerous claims of the audience, although there are also supporters of this series.

Yevgeny GERASIMOV, the Chairman of the Commission MHD on culture and mass communications