Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev in an interview with "Companion" called the reason why his client sat behind the wheel drunk.

According to him, in the day when the accident happened, was an Orthodox holiday, so Yefremov drinking alcohol. The same day he from the Ukraine called a friend who reported that his mother and wife went to the hospital and are in serious condition. Since the border with Ukraine at the moment closed, a friend of the actor asked him to go to the hospital and help as much as possible.

"Michael drank, but sat behind the wheel to help out a friend. I assure you, this is a very conscientious person, he’s not going to get out somehow, to do something to avoid punishment", — said Pashayev.

He rejected the version according to which the brain constantly drunk due to the recognition of his daughter Anna Maria in non-traditional orientation.

Last week Efremov Jeep Grand Cherokee crossed the double solid on Smolensk square in Moscow and crashed into a van Lada. In the accident died 57-year-old courier online-shop Sergey Zakharov. Against the actor opened a criminal case, to it threatens till 12 years of imprisonment. By results of examination, at the time of accident the actor was drunk, and later in the blood, he also found traces of drugs.