the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business of Moscow (Moscow guarantee Fund) provided support to entrepreneurs to restructure their loans. The volume of guarantees amounted to 1.26 billion.

since the beginning of the year, the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business of Moscow, subordinate to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovation development, has helped small and medium-sized enterprises to raise funds in the amount of 9.4 billion rubles. This is 17 percent more than in the same period last year.

the Guarantee Fund will cover up to 70 percent of the loan amount, it is a reliable assurance in the design of new loans and restructuring of existing debt. The average volume of guaranty Fund amounts to 19 million rubles.

Moscow also has a program of concessional lending for entrepreneurs. It provides subsidies from the city budget to eight percent rates on new loans and six percentage points for existing. The rate on new loans for borrowers will be from three to seven percent per annum. To obtain or refinance loans on favorable terms can small and medium-sized businesses from all sectors of the economy, regardless of credit. The program involves 11 banks. Their clients have received loans in the city program totaling more than seven billion rubles. In addition, loans in the amount of 15.5 billion approved and will go to companies in the near future.

a Portfolio of the guarantee Fund is about 21 billion rubles. This amount covers the debt of the clients at 42 billion rubles. In partnership with the Foundation employs about 70 credit organisations.

the Application for execution of surety entrepreneurs can apply to the Moscow guarantee Fund through its creditors-partners, with the help of free online services portal and the centres of services for business. Experts answer questions from clients on lending and restructuring of loans by phone: +7 (495) 225-14-14.