to Register not only the need to protect personnel and processing technology coming to clean the underwear, I think it is important employees of dry cleaners and laundries. The employees were acquainted with the recommendations of the Commission on protection from COVID-19 and found them incomplete.

As told “MK” the President of the Association of dry-cleaners and laundries Leonid Berets, recommendations are primarily concerned with the health of employees and partly – clients: checking temperature of people, wearing masks and gloves, distancing and processing facilities. And such an important moment, as the technology of processing a potentially infected linen is not affected.

– We plan to hold a meeting with CPS for this reason, says Bercaw. – The fact that workers must be supplied personal protection equipment, and so clear. But you need to ensure safety and hygiene, including with the help of professional cleaning, all the way products from the customer to the dry cleaner and back, and also to ensure proper handling of linen. Customers may not even know that renting clothes is infected with a virus, if the sore asymptomatic. Therefore, the Laundry with all things should be treated as potentially infectious, dangerous. Must be physical separation of clean and dirty flows, technology of cleaning and washing must meet hygienic requirements, and production waste be disposed of properly.

for Example, according to European standards, Laundry need to soak for at least 10 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. In addition, if you carry out the acceptance of things in the tight special offers and to keep closed for five days, the virus in them deactivated.

– I believe that people, especially in times of a pandemic, should use services of laundries and dry cleaners, because only in terms of professional treatment of linen it is possible to ensure the hygienic and epidemiological safety. And now it makes only 5% of the population – made Berets.