President Vladimir Putin held a videoconferencing with the leadership and members of the public of Dagestan. Discussed the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. Putin admitted that the situation is complex and requires additional and urgent measures. The last days have confirmed the correctness of the Dagestani human rights defenders: behind the smokescreen of public relations and the official statistics, the Republic’s authorities are trying to hide the real situation. And it is teetering on the brink of disaster.

In the meeting with Putin was attended by the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev, Chairman of the National Assembly Khizri shihsaidov and the mufti of Dagestan Ahmad-Haji Abdulayev (which, incidentally, he recently contracted the coronavirus).

Recall that before the big resonance was caused by statements of the head of the Republican Ministry of Jamaludin Gadjibekova during a live broadcast in Instagram with the blogger Ruslan Kurbanov. The Minister said that the Republic from community-acquired pneumonia and coronavirus infection killed more than 40 doctors. According to him, in Dagestan, pneumonia and coronavirus suffer more than 13 thousand people. For information Gadjibekova, may 16, from COVID-19 in the Republic died 29 people, while from community-acquired pneumonia – 657.

Earlier the operational headquarters called the other figures – 3460 cases of infection with coronavirus. But what is this mysterious “community acquired pneumonia”, which mows people in Dagestan, in the midst of a pandemic COVID-19?

may 12, at the Republican TV spoke to the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev, who reported that compared to April of last year, the increase in the incidence of viral pneumonia in April 2020 in Dagestan amounted to 33.6%.

– Now the mufti of Dagestan have announced different figures, 50 of deceased physicians. – said in an interview to “MK” head of the Caucasian human rights organizations “patient Monitor” Ziyautdin of Uvaisov. We conducted a survey about the number of dead people in the villages of Dagestan. We reported about 400 deaths. This information is not yet fully checked.

I Think that the real number of deaths more than was voiced by the head of the Ministry of health of the Republic. Because not all people die in hospitals. I believe that the majority of those who registered as died of pneumonia actually died of coronavirus. That is, from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus.

There is evidence that testing is conducted improperly. This is confirmed by the Roszdravnadzor. People do not give out test results. There is such a problem. The difference in numbers. In addition, there is information that the dead doctors are also trying to record both died not from coronavirus.

I Have almost confirmed information that there are distortions of the data. That is initially given information that the doctor died from the coronavirus, then the medical SPR��VCI information that he died from another disease. For example, from pneumonia.

as a result, the relatives of the doctors and medical workers lose their accrued compensation. I think that should be presumed. If there are signs that people have died from coronavirus, and it is necessary to count the dead from him. We are now working on a request from the public figures of Dagestan for this reason. Symptoms COVID-19 should be sufficient.

There is a fact that the person worked with the patients in the hospital, got infected, died. Position: “prove that he died from the coronavirus,” wrong. If there is no such evidence, it is necessary to pay to all. Why settle for bureaucratic games on the graves?

Recall that according to the head of the Dagestan Ministry of health, family health workers who died of coronavirus, should be compensated in the amount of 2.7 million rubles. Sick health care workers will be paid from 688 thousand to 2 million rubles.