MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. Elton John called the debut release from Rina of Swamy, singer with the British-Japanese roots best album of this year, reports NME.

Elton John called “SAWAYAMA” album of the year in the latest edition of the radio Apple Music.

the Singer talked to a performer in live via FaceTime: “I am very glad to communicate here with you until your work is the best for me this year. Favorite 2020”.

“This is a phenomenal record. It is often heard in our program… You’re definitely on my list, I really wanted to talk in person, because just fascinated by what you’re doing,” he added.

He said that he also likes “After hours” (The Weeknd) and “Set my heart on fire immediately” (Perfume Genius), but the album “SAWAYAMA” he believes the strongest since the beginning of the year.

Elton John has praised the mix of styles in music singer and noted the track “Bad friend”, assuring that “Madonna would give anything for him.”