On Saturday in the United States, was the first in three months, meeting Donald trump, which is losing popularity, the President hoped to reverse the negative trends of recent months. But media attention was drawn not to the big event, and many related scandals, one of which involved fans of the popular Korean music.”The great American holiday the return is almost started! The place is still there!” such a TEXT message two hours before the start of the meeting received by all those who have applied for registration of the free ticket. Such, in recognition of the staff, there were more than a million people. The rally in Tulsa in the traditionally Republican state of Oklahoma has promised to be epic. It was assumed that the stadium 18 thousand people would not accommodate all comers, and the outside was built a separate stage at which Mr. trump had to contact tens of thousands of people, they had no other way to see the President firsthand. Meeting with voters, symbolizing the end of the quarantine was supposed to help Donald Trump to rectify the situation with the popularity of according to aggregator RealClearPolitics election polls, Democrat Joe Biden of 8.8% ahead of it.However, “places were still” two hours prior to the meeting, and after it starts. But the problems started earlier: according to sources of CNN, still going to Oklahoma, Mr. trump was unpleasantly surprised that the media did not discuss his upcoming meeting, and the story with the scandalous resignation of an influential attorney Jeffrey Berman. Mr. Berman was investigating the activities of one of the lawyers of Donald trump, were chosen for Affairs of the President and resigned his post under pressure from the current administration.Air force one even flew over the stadium — there is no human there was no sea in sight. The staff immediately took the decision to cancel the performance on the street stage. However, coming on the scene, Donald trump immediately identified the perpetrators of the incident. “You are warriors. Out there were very bad people who did bad things. But I appreciate (that you came.— “Kommersant”)”,— the President told, addressing to the supporters. Of the 18 thousand seats occupied was about half. It is the “bandits” who allegedly prevented people to go to the stadium, the White house blamed the abundance of empty seats, although the journalists were not informed about the mass protests. The participants of one of the most notable demonstrations was able to block one of the three passes only 15 minutes.This apparent disparity between expectations and results was, however, quite objective reasons not connected with the mythical “bandits”. As reported by the newspaper The New York Times, the headquarters of Donald trump was the victim of a prank of thousands of fans of Korean pop music (K-pop) and liberal activists, polzuus��of HSA social network TikTok. They, by their own statements, have filed hundreds of thousands of applications for tickets to the rally to sign up, come and put Donald trump on blast. Calls and instructions for registering for the rally on virtual phone numbers housed thousands of people and gaining millions of views. “Basically, just make it go through the platform Alt TikTok — we did everything secretly, in this community often holds sweepstakes or public campaigns. Fans of K-pop and Alt TikTok work well together, together very quickly disseminate information. They know the algorithms, how to promote videos”,— told The New York Times activist Elijah Daniel.It clarifies the correspondent of the publication, the calls and instructions hanging a day or two, after which he removed to the employees of the headquarters of Donald trump found out about the plans of the activists. This event drew the attention of Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most active liberal politicians in Washington. “In fact you just smashed teenagers,” wrote the Congressman in response to the statement of the headquarters of the “radical protesters” who “prevented” the appearance.Fans of Korean popular music is not the first time influence on American politics: they are also known interception of the campaign #WhiteLivesMatter (“white Lives matter”), which allegedly used radical nationalists and supporters of the racial superiority of whites. In addition, in early June, they disrupted the operation of the police Department of the city of Dallas (Texas): when the police asked citizens to report violations by loading of rollers through a special application, K-pop fans sabotaged the work of the program, massively by uploading through her videos with songs by your favorite artists.However, a half-empty stadium didn’t prevent Donald Trump “ignite” the crowd in his usual manner. “In 2020 the choice is very simple: do you want to bow to leftist crowd? Or do you proudly stand upright, as befits Americans?” — asked the head of state to his supporters. For nearly two hours Mr. trump criticized Joe Biden, activists seized several streets in Seattle, and radical protesters. He said that “the silent majority is as strong as ever,” called Republicans “members of the party of Abraham Lincoln” and promised supporters of “law and order”.At some point he even showed the audience the bottom of my shoes — they are, in the words of Donald trump, was made of leather and therefore very slippery. It was important because of slippery shoes, according to the President, he very slowly went down the slippery platform after addressing the graduates of the military Academy of West point. The story of “slow convergence” created a sensation in the American media last week: then cool settingHennie against the President of media drew attention to this fact and suggested that the head of state is not all right to health. The authors of such materials was pleased to see that the Donald trump always says about the weakness of their opponents, whether it be Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, because this time he had to drink his own potion. But the crowd at the stadium seems to believe the words of the President of trump on slippery soles. “I looked very beautiful. Escape is not wanted, because I didn’t want to fall. Because I first moved in small steps, but in the end decided to go Jogging”,— carefully explained the President, demonstrating how small steps he moved.Drew the attention of the President and the situation with coronavirus. He said that now in the U.S. the infection is diagnosed more often, but this is partly due to the increased number of tests. “Because I’m your guys said, slow down with the tests,”— said the head of state. The staff quickly explained that it was a joke, but the Democrats (in particular, Joe Biden) were quick to pick up this quote and use it for their political advertising.Despite the abundance of scandals and terrible role fans of Korean pop music, the headquarters of Donald trump, apparently, was pleased with the event, although even before it became known that six of the employees of the company who prepared the meeting received a positive test result COVID-19. And County of Tulsa (where the eponymous town) on the day of the meeting reported on the next the record for the number of people infected with coronavirus. The symptoms of the disease, according to doctors, may occur two weeks after infection, so was the rally a Grand platform for the infection, as warned by many doctors, will be known later.But it’s staff is ready my answer: the same doctors, according to the Republicans, is not too actively discouraged Americans from visiting the protests of the movement Black Lives Matter.Alexey Naumov