American entrepreneur, inventor and billionaire who founded the company SpaceX, Elon Musk spoke with the family of a Soviet scientist and designer of rocket-space systems Sergey Korolev. About this he wrote on Twitter.

I spoke with Korolev”s family today.
He was one of the very best.
Korolov / Queens.

“I spoke today with the family of the Queen”, – stated in the message Elon musk.

he stressed that the king “was one of the best”. It is noteworthy that in his message, Musk wrote the name of Soviet design in Russian in two variants “Korolov/Queens.”

what was discussed with the family of the scientist, not reported.

meanwhile, Roskosmos said in the message Mask of the Queen on Twitter. The Corporation said – “He was the best” (“He was the best”).

He was the best