off the coast of Alexandria in Northern Egypt drowned ten people trying to save a drowning man in a sea of boy. About it reports The Telegraph with reference to the Central tourist administration of the city.

the incident occurred on a rocky beach, which is known for strong waves. Trapped in the water, the boy began to struggle and drown. He rushed to the aid man and began to sink. Behind him in the sea jumped nine people.

as a result, 11 people were killed — a boy and all ten of them tried to help him citizens. Connects whether something between them is unknown. Emergency personnel found six bodies, the search continues.

according to The Telegraph, in summer, Alexandria beaches located on the Mediterranean coast, very popular among tourists, however, are now closed because of the pandemic coronavirus. The dead came back early in the morning to avoid attention from the police.

it Also reported that the beach, which was an emergency, has long been known as dangerous due to strong currents, frothy waters and rocky shores. Local politicians have repeatedly called to close it for tourists.