NEW YORK, on 1 may. /TASS/. Entrepreneur Elon Musk expects to sell almost all his property. A corresponding entry posted Friday on Twitter by the Mask.

“I sell almost all their possessions. I have no home,” he said. any explanations or details are not available.

Musk also wrote that he considered too high, the stock price of his company Tesla. Quotations of securities of this company on Friday declined to $71,81 (9.18 per cent), reaching $710,07.

According to a 23 April report by the American non-governmental organization Institute for Policy Studies, from 1 January 2020, 10 April 2020, the head of Tesla and SpaceX became richer by $5 billion. One reason for this was the release of Tesla ventilators.

According to the latest estimates by Bloomberg, the state of the Mask exceeds $39,7 billion He occupies the 22nd place in the list of the richest people in the world.

Musk, in addition to Tesla, also heads the SpaceX company. Its main investments associated with the alternative power industry and commercial space industry.

Soon the US will cease to depend on Russia in space.