School will soon conclude the academic year, mathematicians predicted the peaks of the epidemic of Federal districts, the Minister of the Saratov region has resigned after the scandal with the masks, and the Russians celebrate the Holiday of spring and labor in isolation.

the country in recent days was 7933 new cases COVID-19 85 regions. This is the maximum number for the time. On the eve of the increase was 7099 people. The total number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 114 431, recovered — 13 220.

the First thing the Russians will allow sports in the fresh air and walking in small groups, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. But relief will begin soon: first you need to wait for the slower growth of infected and other indicators.

the Minister and the chief of staff of the Governor of the Saratov region Olesya Goryacheva resigned after the scandal with the purchase of a large batch of medical masks for 425 rubles apiece. The Prosecutor’s office of the Saratov region also sought cancellation of the procurement of medical masks due to the budget.

Skvortsova noted that after reaching the plateau can occur fluctuations in the number of people infected.

the Ministry of education has allocated recommendations for the timing of the completion of 2019/20 academic year. They are designed to save students a relaxing summer vacation and time for rest.

the Mathematical model has allowed Russian scientists to identify peaks of the epidemic according to the Federal districts. The peak of the pandemic in the capital is expected soon. The dynamics of the disease in Moscow is reminiscent of the dynamics of the big cities of Europe and the United States.

the Worst expectations are met: the European Union is getting poorer faster than the rest of the world. According to recent Eurostat figures, the EU economy decreased by 3.5% in the first three months of 2020. At that rate, she will fall by 13% for the year, and Europe will miss almost 2 trillion euros. And this despite the fact that about the same she will have to spend to fight the virus and crisis.

the US President said that he had seen evidence that the coronavirus was developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. On press-conference at the White house he said that the Chinese authorities either failed to stop the spread of the virus, or decided that it is not necessary to do this. But us intelligence disagree with him.

In a country with almost five million inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 was 1474 cases of infection and 18 deaths. This is the lowest mortality rate in a particular Western country with a developed health system. How New Zealand did it?

China is trying to prevent a second wave of coronavirus, taking measures that may prove useful in other countries. Among them — a ban on the entry of foreigners, con��the role of the movement of citizens through mobile applications, mass testing COVID-19.

the Russian Government has allocated 500 million rubles for the provision of social support for Russian citizens residing abroad and temporarily unable to return home due pandemic COVID-19. Funds can spend including the extension of visas and other documents.

the Epidemic has not prevented Russians to celebrate the Holiday of spring and labor. Most fortunate are the owners of private houses and cottages. They are traditionally grilled kebabs and covered the tables in his yard. somebody dedicated day working in the garden. And the bravest ones even opened the swimming season.

Anna Lysenko