At least 40 million rubles earned in the year, the actor Mikhail Efremov. As told by a family friend of the actor, who asked not to be named, Efremov was able to provide decent real estate their children, and also purchased a country house in the suburbs and Jurmala.

“the Actor was very popular in recent years. He toured with plays, acted in movies and serials, performed at private events,” — said a friend of the family, the Nation News Agency.

He noted that the actor has already received the fees for the projects in the current year.

It became known how to earn Mikhail Efremov

A family friend also spoke about the special love of the actor to their heirs. According to him, he never skimped on presents for the children, organized a gorgeous wedding and bought their property. So, the apartment in Central Moscow Efremov Sr. bought for his sons Nicholas and Nikita and Anna Maria inherited the apartment of the mother of the artist.

Earlier, the lawyer of Mikhail Yefremov, who is now under house arrest due to a fatal accident, said that the actor in the night of Friday, suffered a heart attack, reminiscent of the RT. Counsel emphasizes that Mikhail Efremov constantly willing to help the family of the victim by paying various expenses.

Mikhail Efremov has made road accident on 8 June in Moscow. In a state of intoxication he started to go into the oncoming lane and collided with another car. The accident killed the driver of the vehicle, which crashed the actor. Ephraim was placed under house arrest until August 9. He later recorded a video message in which he repented and offered the family of the deceased all possible assistance.