Henrik Kruse has put a car for sale at the DBA – and some musical instruments.

“Many streams small…,” he says like a seasoned krejler.

Actually, he is not a merchant. Henrik Kruse is the driving instructor. But like many other small traders, he is stuck in coronakrisen.

“I have to try to buckle a safety net out from under myself,” he says.

Erhvervsmanden Martin Thorborg predict that coronakrisen not just costing lives in hospitals, but also in business and predicts ‘a huge disaster’.

“We have a small 200,000 the small self-employed sole traders in Denmark. They are going to go bankrupt in droves,” he says.

former prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is worried about the line, the government has laid for the reopening of Denmark:

“the Bill comes in the form of bankruptcies, mass unemployment, human tragedies and the lack of action in the future,” he writes in an op-ed on the B. T.

driving Instructor Henrik Kruse agrees that the government’s coronakurs they leave small operators in a very difficult situation.

“I consider the responsible ministers as a direct reason for all the bankruptcies, that experienced currently,” he writes in an email to B. T.

One man drives himself two driving schools – one in Fredericia and one in Odense. Ago 12. march, the day after Mette Frederiksen shutdown of Denmark, he has not had one single student, either in its teorilokaler or his car. It costs him dearly.

“We shall enter the waters and keeps the weather at a time. It is clear that the uncertainty is a stress factor.”

Normally, he has an annual turnover of around 800.000 kr.

“At the here months I lose close to 200,000 in circulation. But each month I still 15-18 thousand dollars in fixed costs that must be paid.”

He predicts that the shutdown lasts at least the month of may out and think it is sensible, from a health perspective.

For as kørerlærer, it is difficult to comply with the government’s recommendations to keep the distance’.

But he is angry that he has not yet seen some of the money which the politicians have promised to send via hjælpepakkerne.

He has sought to have a share in the government’s stimulus package, who can give him 23.000 dkk a month for three months. He has received a receipt that he has applied, but has not yet heard a word about when the money is paid out.

“We are waiting from day to day when that comes money for the business and to the family,” he says.

Come not in the field, which must be paid rent at the end of april, he is on it.

“Then I in the bank and borrow the money…. or I may be forced to terminate my teorilokaler to minimise my expenses and to keep for as long as possible.”

Terminates his premises are that far up to the surface and a normal rate of return – the day the society will be opened, and Henry Kruse can once again welcome students welcome in his school.

Right now everything is shut down.

“I have suspended holdstart for an indefinite time, and no one dares to sign up to the next team.”

The students, who were in time, waiting for an indefinite period of time. It’s the same Henrik Kruse. If the shutdown continues and no new stimulus on the way, he looks into a bleak future.

“I can keep it running five-six months,” he says.