But the british prime minister, the 55-year-old Boris Johnson, is currently fighting its solitary battle against coronasmitten, his fiance, Carrie Symonds, his to see to.

She is waiting for her and the prime minister’s first child in the summer, and she herself is bedridden with corona virus-symptoms.

Boris Johnson has spent the night in the intensive care unit at St. Thomas Hospital. He condition became suddenly worse, and he had trouble breathing. It writes Sky News.

It is 11 days ago, he tested positive for coronasmitten, and on Sunday evening he was admitted to the hospital.

yesterday it went further back for his health. He suffered from persistent symptoms of covid-19, and he both hosted and had a high temperature.

He has not seen her fiance since he was sick. The 32-year-old Carrie Symonds has moved home to his own apartment in south London for more than a week ago.

There she is bedridden with coronaviruslignende symptoms. She fears – but has not been tested – to have incurred covid-19.

on Saturday, she wrote even on Twitter, that she had spent the last week in bed. With the symptoms of coronavirus.

“I have not had the need to be tested, and after seven days of ro, I feel stronger and on the way back again,” she wrote.

“To be pregnant with covid-19 is, of course, disturbing. To the other pregnant women I say: Please follow the instructions, which I found reassuring.”

As all friends and family to a coronaramt patientvskal she’s keeping from her fiancé, until Boris Johnson comes out from the hospital again.

Pregnant women are among the people who are in a special risk group. They must keep themselves from the infected.

There is no evidence that pregnant women have it easier to get covid-19, or their disease becomes more serious, But doctors are aware that their immune system can be affected.

With Carrie Symonds symptoms and Boris Johnson’s illness, it is yet unclear where the two can meet again.